Pane Lento

100% Sourdough

Sourdough is a dough that works as natural fermentation for baking bread, pizza and other derived products. It can be used nstead of chemical yeasts or in combination with it. It is a living dough, where lactic bacteria live and feed and produce acids and gasses that make your bread tasty, soft and nutricious.

During our workshop, we focus on working with 100% sourdough, without adding any other kind of yeast. This choice gives better tasting bread, and bread that is easier to digest, even for those who have gluten intollerance.

Pane lento means slow bread

We organize workshops in Amsterdam for learning how to make sourdough and sourdough bread. Our mission is based on the idea that there are just few simple ingredients that are essential to baking great bread: flour, water and time.

Baking your own favorite sourdough bread at home is not expensive nor complicated, once you have learned a few tricks. Bread can be good, healthy and tasty and should not be as expensive as it is in the shops. By making your own bread with sourdough, you can more easily deal with gluten intollerance and intollerance to other ingredients like sugar and dairy products. By baking your own bread at home you will also find it easier to combine high standard of flavor and health with a low budget household.

Team building activities

In addition to private workshops and one-on-one sessions in your own kitchen, we also organize small events and team-building activities. We offer different options in and around Amsterdam, but we are happy to work on any location of your choice.

Kids workshops

Let kids explore bread as matter and process starting from a young age. They will learn playfully where bread & pizza come from, and what it takes to make it. Contact us if you want to organize a workshop for kids.

We work in Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Uithoorn & Rotterdam. Any other location in the Netherlands is possible.

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